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Leading Men of Bermuda Awards 2019

Thirty-six (36) Men and three (3) families were recognized on Saturday night April 13, 2019, at the Brothers of Bermuda first annual Leading Men of Bermuda Awards banquet held at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

This inaugural event for the Brother of Bermuda is to highlight the Leading Men in Bermuda and the impact in their respective industries. The banquet themed “A Tribute to Bermuda’s Leading Men and Their Starring Roles in Our Society” honored the plethora of men with an entertainment programme for more than 200.

Community Awardees

Accounting Awardees 

 Religion Awardees 

Legal Awardees

Entrepreneur Awardees

Insurance Industry Awardees 

Communication & Media Awardees

Hospitality Awardees

Education Awardees

Art Awardees

Family Awardees

Future Leaders